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  • 2023-11-24

关于节约能源的方法英语句子?1)Energy saving saves the earth .节省能源拯救地球。2)No country, however rich, can afford the waste of its natural resources.任何国家,无论多么富有, 都浪费不起自然资源。那么,关于节约能源的方法英语句子?一起来了解一下吧。


Save Electricity

We should save electricity to protect the environment. Turn off lights when not in use, unplug chargers, and use energy-efficient appliances. Small actions make a big difference. Let's conserve energy and create a sustainable future.

energy saving



The earth's energy is gradually diminishing, people also face the deterioration of the environment, how to do?

Save energy words.

First of all, from the side with.

Save every once electricity, save every drop. Don't litter, have the consciousness of environmental protection, from the side with, a bit of the minor matter, starts to let the world will no longer be polluted.


Nowadays,the world is facing the big problem of energy shortages.The energy that we can use is running out day by day.Maybe one day we will all end up drinking dirty water if we don't do something about it.Here are some things that everyone can do to help save energy.

First,we must try to use our air conditioner less during the summer months,as this consumes a great deal of electricity.Second,we should try to remember to use less water while washing our hair.Third,we must not let leaky taps run all day.We should fix them as soon as possible.We should,also,try to close the fridge as quickly as possible.This will save a lot of electricity and is good for the fridge as well.Another thing we can do is to ride our bicycles instead of driving cars or riding buses.They "drink" lots of petrol,which comes from oil,a nonrenewale energy resource.Finally,don't forget to turn off the lights when leaving a room.It doesn't take much time,but saves a lot of electricity.

I hope more and more people will realize the importance of saving energy and do what they can to use less so that life will be good in the future.


thousands of years ago, the enviornment on earth used to be so good that you'll think you are in the eden park. however, ever since the industrial revolution in the uk, the enviornment tured worse and worse due to many new machines that release waste gas into the air. nowadays, people pay much attention to the environment and we are all working hard to make it better. so of course the environment now is much better than before. but i hope that it'll be even better in the future


Our government is aiming to build a “conservation-oriented society” (节约型社会). I think it is every citizen's duty to achieve this goal.

As high students, what should we do?

We should focus our attention on details around ourselves. We should form the habit of saving water, especially when we brush our teeth and wash hands, and never leave water running unnecessarily. Meanwhile, we ought to save electricity. When we leave classrooms or our homes we should make sure that the light and some electrical equipments have been turned off. Do never make the light on in the daytime if unnecessary. We should also save our every piece of paper as well as other writing materials. What's more, we should offer to recommend our relatives and friends as well as our parents to save energy.

Dear fellow students, let's start right now, and spare no effort to do every little bit from every detail on!


Save the Energy Resources

Another round of energy crisis is knocking at the door in 2004,world oil consurnption reached a new record,causing oil price in the international market to skyrocket amazingly.

As for China,it was reported that many traditional mineral cities in northeastern China had run into predicament,with their economy collapsed and workers unemployed,only because coal had been mined out.

Fossil energy resources,including coal,oil and gas,are unlike sunlight,water power and wind power which are generated consistently.They're not practically reproductive during human history.Once consumed,they're gone forever.

If they were to be exhaueted before we could find sufficient reproductive resources to replace them with, we’d have to live in entire blackout again like our ancestors have done thousands of years ago. That’s of course not what anyone would want to see.

Due to technical limitations, people still have to utilize these resources now.

As a result, we must economize them most cleverly. New techniques should be developed and applied to reduce energy cost in industry and daily life. Alternative energy should be employed wherever possible. Eradicate any practice that wastes energy.

Humans have overcome so many crises in history, and we’re sure to win this time also.

在能源危机一轮敲在门口. 200产地4年,世界石油消费量达到了一个新的记录,造成国际市场石油价格暴涨令人吃惊.至于中国,据报道,许多在中国东北传统的矿有经营陷入困境,他们的经济大崩盘,工人失业,只是因为煤炭采空了.化石能源资源,包括煤,石油和天然气,不同的是阳光,水发电,风力发电是产生持续.他们不是实际上在人类历史上生育.一旦食用,他们已经一去不复返了.如果他们用尽才可以找到足够的生殖资源,并将它们取代,我们不得不住在大面积停电再像我们的祖先已经做了几千年前.这不是任何人都希望看到的课程.由于技术上的限制,人们仍然要利用这些资源了.因此,我们必须节约他们最聪明的.新技术应当制定和实施,以减少能源成本,在工业和日常生活中.替代能源应该是尽可能采用.消除任何做法浪费能源.人类在历史上克服了各种危机,而且我们一定会赢得这一次.


The earth's energy is gradually diminishing,people also face the deterioration of the environment,how to do?

Save energy words.

First of all,from the side with.

Save every once electricity,save every drop.Don't litter,have the consciousness of environmental protection,from the side with,a bit of the minor matter,starts to let the world will no longer be polluted.







First, we should save the current energy sources. For example, to take bus more instead of driving a car. Recycle the used materials like paper, bottles.

At the same time, we should encourage to explore new energy technology, for example, we can take advantage of limitless sources of sun, water or wind to produce electricity.






5.we’re so proud of you(我们十分为你骄傲。)【级的表扬!】




9.you look great today(你今天看上去很棒。)「每天都可以用!」 you did a good job (你干得非常好。)「国际最通用的表扬!」 we‘re so proud of you(我们十分为你骄傲。)「最高级的表扬!」 i‘m very pleased with your work(我对你的工作非常满意。)「正式真诚的赞扬!」 this is really a nice place(这真是个好地方!)「随口就说但效果很好的表扬!」 you‘re looking sharp!(你看上去真精神/真棒/真漂亮。